ISO standard on unit pricing relevant to consumers affected by the COVID-19 economic crisis

A receipt for grocery items. In the background are grocery items

In the latest edition of the ISO Consumer Update, Consumers International says consumer advocacy has a vital role to play in guiding, advising and informing consumers to ensure they can access a fair and affordable market for essential products and services.

The Update also refers to a recent guest blog on CI’s website about:

  • How the provision by retailers of effective consumer-centric unit pricing (price per unit of measure) can greatly assist consumers to get value for money during the current global economic crisis caused by COVID-19.
  • The need for consumer organizations everywhere be advocating for retailers to provide consumers with effective unit pricing, especially for pre-packaged food and grocery items.
  • The usefulness of ISO 21041:2018 Guidance on unit pricing, which contains principles for, and practical guidance on, the provision of best practice unit pricing.

The guest blog was written by Ian Jarratt, a member of the CFA Executive Committee and the Queensland Consumers Association, who represented CI on ISO 21041:2018. John Furbank, also a member of the CFA Executive and of the Consumers Association of South Australia, chaired ISO 21041:2018.