ISO COPOLCO – Committee on Consumer Policy

The COPOLCO Mirror Committee (CMC) met on Thursday 11 April 2013 with representatives from Choice, CFA, ACCC, NRA and Standards Australia participating.

The CMC Chair reported on the ISO COPOLCO Chairs Advisory Group Meeting held in October 2012. Reports were also provided to the meeting participants regarding work in the area of product safety and consumer protection in the global market place.

The CMC gave consideration to new areas of work at COPOLCO and to recommendations arising from existing work items. The CMC discussed recommendations to improve the process of prioritisation for work items at COPOLCO. The CMC established and agreed on Australian positions to take to the ISO COPOLCO Plenary in Malta which will be held from 20 to 24 May 2013.

The CMC was also briefed on the work of the OECD in relation to Consumer Policy Committee and its Product Safety Working Party.