Infant Inclined Product and Sudden Death

ACCC product safety: sleep your baby safe. Putting your baby to sleep flat on their back is the safest way for them to sleep

Infant incline products may be marketed for sleep, however they are unsafe for babies to sleep in. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) advises reports indicate 151 babies in Australia have died in inclined products such as rockers, bouncers, and on propped items.

Inclined products that place an infant’s head above a horizontal position pose serious safety concerns, particularly if used for sleep. It’s important to always follow instructions on how to use these products safely. The ACCC has published an Issues Paper and Consultation Paper which contains further information. Consumers’ Federation of Australia (CFA) engages with these issues by supporting a representative to the Standards Australia committee CS-310 Child care articles as part of the CFA Standards Project, ensuring the consumer voice is heard in the standards development process, giving the Australian consumer greater confidence in the products, services and systems they use.

You can read more about these products, their risks, and how to use them safely here on the ACCC’s Product Safety website. The Best practice guide for the design of safe infant sleeping environments provides a guide for industry to reduce risk of death and life-threatening injuries in infants.

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