Improved Standard a Significant Advancement for Safe Motor Vehicle Travel

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Seat Belt

Sometimes there is a need for additional safety features not provided by seatbelts, such as for people living with disabilities, people who require modified seatbelts, and even restraining pets in the event of a crash. Standards Australia has published a world first standard AS 5384 Accessories for seats belts used in motor vehicles which provides quality assurance to consumers who require such additional safety features not provided by standard motor vehicle seatbelts. This is a significant advancement, the standard caters for the design, safety and performance of accessories that are attached to the seat belt including postural supports such as harnesses/vests commonly used by occupants in motor vehicles. Standards are specifications, procedures and guidelines that ensure products and services are safe, consistent, and reliable and are an important tool to protect our society and environment.

You can view the new standard free of charge on the Standards Australia Reader Room which provides limited access i.e. ability to view three (3) unique standards in one calendar year for a 24 hr period, find out how to access here.

As part of the CFA Standards Project, CFA supports a representative to the technical committee CS-075 Seatbelts for use in motor vehicles which developed the standard.  The CFA representative ensures the interests of the consumer are considered in the development of the standard and the impact on users is always a central part of committee considerations.  Find out how you can get involved by contacting