Illawarra Legal Centre

ilcIndependently operated as a not-for-profit, community based legal centre, Illawarra Legal Centre offers free legal services to the public.

Their central focus is to help those who live in disadvantage and those who have special needs.

They achieve their focus by offering free legal advice and assistance, financial counseling, Children’s Court assistance, community legal education and law reform.

They offer free legal advice and assistance by phone and face-to-face for general law, welfare rights and tenancy and residential parks issues.

Their financial counseling involves assessing financial situations, negotiating with individuals or companies to whom you owe money to, and helping you organize finances.

Their Children’s Court Assistance involves supporting young people and families by providing legal representatives and referring them to community and government agencies.

ILC also provides community legal education in the form of workshops, training sessions, information kits, and printed resources, as well as responding to requests and working with local media.

ILC seeks law reform by lobbying for changes that best meet the needs of everyone seeking access to justice at the centre.

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