How good are those grapes? New standards to raise quality!





Grapevine propagation material quality has been formally recognised in a new national standard.  The standard seeks to ensure there is a clear trail back to the original source vine in Australia, together with evidence of the method used to identify that original vine. For the first time, purchasers of grapevine cuttings sold under this standard can be assured about the cutting’s identity, its health status and that it meets certain physical characteristics. The standard sets a new benchmark for the industry, builds on and enhances the schemes of best practice and traceability previously used.

The standard AS 5588:2013 Grapevine propagation material was developed by a Standards Australia Technical Committee FT-036 Grapevine quality assurance with representatives from the GWRDC | Grape and Wine Research and Development Corporation; grape growing, winemaking and nursery industries; researchers; consumers and government.  The CFA Standards representative on the committee is John Furbank.

If you are interested in finding out more about the CFA Standards Project and becoming a volunteer CFA Standards Representative please contact the Standards