Have your say on the future of Battery Stewardship in the Electric Vehicle sector

EV charging

The Battery Stewardship Council (BSC) is inviting feedback on the Electric Vehicle Battery Stewardship Discussion Paper which is being released in partnership with the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCIA) and Motor Traders Association of Australia (MTAA).

This Discussion Paper is intended to facilitate an inclusive dialog on options for ensuring electric vehicle battery stewardship. The papers considers issues and options for the design of innovative and efficient stewardship approaches specific to electric vehicle batteries. The goal is to chart a pathway to ensuring electric vehicle battery stewardship delivers for industry and for all Australians.

Feedback forms part of a broader consultation process as the BSC works towards finalising the Scheme design. Proposed next steps include the release of the First Options Paper in July 2023, in advance of workshops in Sydney and Melbourne in August. The resulting Firm Options paper will be released in the second half of 2023, with corresponding workshops shortly after.

A key principle that underpins the success of battery stewardship is shared responsibility and contribution from all organisations within the supply chain. View the Discussion Paper here. Link: https://batterystewardshipcouncil.cmail19.com/t/t-l-furirdl-jiukurkkv-r/.