Guidelines for Plant-Based Product Labelling

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In 2022, a Senate Inquiry into definitions of meat and other animal products recommended a mandatory regulatory framework for labelling of plant-based protein products.

Otherwise known as “meat alternative products”, these food products are produced mainly or entirely with plant-based ingredients that have any combination of the textural, flavour, appearance, or other characteristics typically associated with animal, including seafood, meat-based products.

Following that inquiry, the Albanese Government has committed to support the animal and plant-based industries by examining existing regulations to ensure they deliver accurate and clear food labelling so consumers have informed choice.  

Shortly after this commitment was made, the Alternative Proteins Council (APC) has released its Industry Guidelines for the Labelling of Meat Alternative Products in Australia and New Zealand. The voluntary guidelines are to ensure products provide clear information to consumers, and for the industry to operate in a manner that is consistent with food standards and consumer laws.

The APC has also developed an equivalent set of guidelines for dairy, the Industry Guidelines for Labelling of Plant-Based Dairy Alternative Products in Australia and New Zealand.

This information is shared so consumer representatives can keep up-to-date with developments in industry food labelling.