Free Access to Australian Standards for Consumers

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Nearly everything we touch has a Standard connected to it, in our everyday lives and in every Australian industry, and they make everything work. As a consumer, access to standards can help you become more informed about what to expect from product and service providers. Standards Australia has launched a new program for improving access to Australian Standards. The Reader Room platform offers no-fee read-only access for non-commercial (personal, domestic, or household) use to Australian Standards’ publications:

  • more than 2500 Australian Standards publicly available (read only)
  • three access passes per year i.e. a pass is required to view the entire standard in read only format
  • the viewing time is for a 24 hour period

Visit the Reader Room demonstration video here

Learn more by visiting the Reader Room home page:

You can also find the Reader Room on the Standards Australia homepage at the bottom of the page at Public Access

Standards Australia will continue to work on providing access to the remaining standards publications in the catalogue in the future.

Find out more about the CFA Standards Project and how to get involved in representing consumers in the standards development process. CFA representatives play a critical role by including broader community and public interest perspectives and ensuring the impact on users is always a central part of committee considerations. This results in better, more relevant standards and more desirable end products.