Food and Agruculture Organization interview CFA Executive Ian Jarratt

Ian Jarratt, CFA Executive member and Queensland Consumers Association (QCA) member, was recently interviewed by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations about the importance of food transparency, unit pricing, and the role that consumer associations need to play in the transformation of agri-food systems. In this interview, he talks about his experiences from almost 20 years of working in consumer matters.

About Ian Jarratt

Ian Jarratt is a retired agricultural economist and policy analyst with a special interest in improving market efficiency and effectiveness by improving the quality and availability of information for consumers. He is a member of the Queensland Consumers Association (QCA).

For nearly 20 years, while in retirement, he has undertaken research and advocacy in Australia and overseas on the provision of the UP of products, especially food and groceries. Ian has experienced the provision of UP in over 20 countries and represented Consumers International on the ISO committee that prepared ISO 21041:2018 Guidance on unit pricing.

In 2010 Ian received the National Consumer Advocate award from the Australian consumer organization CHOICE, and in 2017 he was awarded the Order of Australia Medal.

Ian prepares a QCA six-monthly newsletter providing updates on the global status of UP, to which consumer and other organizations can contribute. To contribute or subscribe, you can email Ian at:

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