Financial Counselling Australia – FCA

fca_101FCA is the peak body for financial counsellors in Australia.

Their primary role is to give support to the profession by offering financial counsellors a voice in national debates.

FCA advocates on behalf of all clients of financial counsellors for a fairer marketplace, striving to prevent financial problems in the first place.

One of FCA’s goals in its strategic plan is “Fair Treatment”, for everyone especially vulnerable consumers and low income earners.


Do Not Knock Campaign – WHAT A SUCCESS

Being visited by salespeople at home can be a daunting experience, particularly for the elderly and people living on their own.

For others, having valuable time at home with family and friends interrupted by pushy salespeople is simply an unwelcome distraction.

FCAs’ Do Not Knock Campaign aims to put a stop to unwelcome, dishonest and intimidating door-to-door salespeople.

The campaign was launched by the Consumer Action Law Centre and Financial Counselling Australia in October 2011. The centerpiece of the campaign is the Do Not Knock sticker which, when displayed in a prominent location, sends a clear message to salespeople – ‘you’re not welcome at this address.’ Not surprisingly, the stickers have struck a chord with many communities around Australia –  so much so that FCA lost count of how many print runs they have done.

The historic decision in the Federal court cemented the legal enforceability of the FCA campaign.

Don’t Knock – It’s the Law! For more information on the Do Not Knock campaign, including information on how to download Do Not Knock stickers, visit

Financial Counselling Australia website