Feed-back sought on the transformation of Australian Food Systems

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CSIRO is seeking feedback on a Discussion Paper – Transforming Australian Food Systems. The closing date for feedback is 7 February 2023.

Information about the project and a copy of the Discussion Paper are available here.

The Discussion Paper presents a guide towards enabling the transformation that is necessary across Australia’s food systems, to reach a more healthy, equitable and sustainable future.

The Discussion Paper will inform the development of an Australian Food Systems Roadmap that outlines how Australia might achieve this food future.  It takes a systems lens by looking at  the entire food system and its many interacting systems, and paints a vision for the future of food in Australia.

Five areas are prioritised to help enable the transformation of Australia’s food systems:

  1. Enabling equitable access to healthy diets
  2. Reducing waste and improving circularity
  3. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  4. Improving environmental and economic resilience
  5. Improving value and productivity

CFA encourages consumer organisations to provide feedback on the Discussion Paper because:

  • Consumers have critically important roles to play in food systems transformation.
  • Consumers need to be effectively empowered and protected.
  • Industry practices, including pricing, advertising, marketing and labelling, greatly influence consumer purchasing and consumption decisions.

Prepared by CFA Executive Member Ian Jarratt, of Queensland Consumers Association. He can be reached at ijarratt@australiamail.com.

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