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Otter social logoIncorporated in NSW, Ethical Consumers Australia is an organization that runs independently and not for profit. Their mission is to ensure that people make ethical consumption choices that match their personal values. Ethical Consumers Australia aims to overcome barriers that people who want to make ethical consumption choices face, for example, favouring a sustainable environment, protect or support human rights, increasing social justice or promoting the interests and rights of animals.


The objectives of Ethical Consumers Australia are:

(1)  To work to make it easier for Australian consumers to make ethical consumption choices.

(2)  To overcome barriers faced by people who want to make ethical consumption choices that

  • (A) favour a sustainable environment;
  • (B) protect or support human rights;
  • (C) increase social justice; or
  • (D) promote the interests and rights of animals

(3)  In support of objectives 1 and 2, to undertake activities that will:

  • (A) educate Australian consumers’ by providing increased access to information and advice about ethical consumption options;
  • (B)  increase the reliability and credibility of ethical claims made by producers and sellers;
  • (C)  increase the availability of choices of ethically produced products and services;
  • (D)  promote a consumer culture that supports ethical consumption choices; and
  • (E)  undertake research and policy development that promotes ethical consumption choices.

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    I was wanting to get in contact with the team at Ethical Consumers Australia however the contact link on the website is not working.
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