Ethical consumer group asks, “Can you change the world by shopping?”

Ethical Consumers Australia has launched Good On You, a platform where consumers are provided with transparent information about brands and the impact of the products they manufacture on people, animals and the planet.

The innovative Good On You tool rates clothing brands according to their ethical and ecological impacts. By shedding some light on the plight of workers in poorer countries, animal welfare and environmental concerns, the end consumers are able to make an informed decision on their purchase.

Which is great news for the over 50% of Australians who feel conflicted when their everyday purchases don’t match their values (Living LOHAS).

CEO and co-founder Gordon Renouf says that consumers are becoming increasingly more concerned about ethical and sustainability practices in addition to price points.

“We do the hard research into brands so consumers don’t have to.”

“We are passionate about brand awareness and consumer power. When we work together, we can change our impact on the world around us,” says Renouf.

Good On You also offers an Ethical Shopping Assistant that automatically identifies over 1,500 clothing and electronics brands as you’re browsing and delivers ratings from ‘Not Recommended’ through to ‘Excellent’. It is available as a free-to-download plug-in for Google Chrome and can be used while you browse any website.

The team will shortly begin work on a smartphone app to deliver ratings to ‘offline’ shoppers looking for ethical clothing brands.

Working with independent sources including World Vision, Rank A Brand, Behind the Barcode, Ethical Clothing Australia and Choose Cruelty Free, Good On You has a team of Ethical Detectives investigating brands.

“Each of us has the right to buy products that make us feel good about our impact on the world around us”, Renouf explains.

“The online store connects people with products that are ethically responsible, and sends a message to other brands to do better about their impact on the world around us.”