Ending the Ticket Rip-off

Consumer groups launch international survey of ticket resellers to address world-wide rorts

CHOICE is leading a coalition of consumer groups in launching an international survey of the ticket resale market to stop consumers being ripped off by the likes of Viagogo, Stubhub and Ticketmaster Resale.

“From outrageous ticket price mark-ups of up to 327% to denying refunds and selling fake tickets, the time has come to say fair’s fair and stop these resale websites ripping off consumers from Melbourne to Manchester,”[1] says CHOICE head of media, Tom Godfrey.

“Whether you’re a fan, an artist or part of the industry, we want to hear more about your experience of the ticket resale market.

“Clearly it’s not in the interests of fans, artists or venues to have ticket holders turned away from venues having fallen victim to the dodgy business practices of ticket resale sites.”

CHOICE will be working with its counterparts in the United Kingdom and New Zealand to survey fans and industry representatives about their experiences with the ticket resale market. We’re particularly interested in hearing about examples of:

  • Exorbitant ticket prices
  • Fake tickets
  • Seats not being as described at the time of purchase
  • Fans being denied access to venues
  • Tickets not being delivered
  • High fees or credit card being overcharged
  • Poor customer service

“With 2017 a big year for acts like Midnight Oil, Green Day, Adele, Seinfeld and Justin Bieber performing down under there seems to be a spike fans being left out in the cold,” Mr Godfrey says.

CHOICE will use the survey data to produce a ticket resale market report which will be provided to regulators in each country to help inform the necessary changes to protect consumers in the ticket resale market.

The international survey comes a month after CHOICE referred Viagogo and Ticketmaster Resale to the ACCC for potential breaches of Australian Consumer Law.

If you’ve been ripped off by a ticket resale site, report it at: choice.com.au/tickedoff

Tips for buying tickets online:

  • Sign up for presale ticket alerts to avoid disappointment
  • Buy tickets directly from the venue or the official ticket seller
  • Check with the venue about resale restrictions before buying a resold ticket