Doing some DIY – beware electrical work

Switchboard, open to the switches and with blue and black wires above and below.

Even when you think you know what you are doing, never attempt to do your own electrical work — it’s dangerous, illegal and can be fatal. 

Compliance with standards in the electrical sector is a key element of safety in the community and industry. Consumers’ Federation of Australia has a representative on the Standards Australia Technical Committee EL-001 Wiring Rules which is progressing work on the development of standards on electrical installations, including safety issues.

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One possible risk is arc flash which is not just limited to large switchboards but can also occur in smaller switchboards and electricity supply pillars.  Hear from experienced electrician Mark who was badly burnt by an arc flash while working on a commercial switchboard and find other safety information on the Workcover Queensland – Electrical Safety website (also check your local jurisdiction).

Find out how you can get involved in representing consumers on technical committees as part of the CFA Standards Project, register your interest here.