Cosmetics recalled after failing ACCC testing

[box border=”full”]Three cosmetic products with dangerous levels of microbial contamination have been recalled after an Australian Competition and Consumer Commission product safety survey.[/box]

Microbiological hazards occur when cosmetic products are contaminated by microorganisms such as bacteria, mould and yeast.

The recalled cosmetic products are Nude by Nature Liquid Mineral Foundation – various skin tones, Australian Lavender Essentials Eye Cream and Australian Lavender Essentials Face Up, the Essential Moisturiser.

The ACCC’s survey involved 115 cosmetic products found in shops and online retailers, which were sent for microbiological testing against internationally-set recommended limits.

The ACCC negotiated recalls with suppliers after finding these three products contained unacceptable levels of microbial contamination in 3 products.

“Microbial contamination can cause diseases and serious infections. The biggest concern with these particular cosmetic products is that they are intended for use around sensitive areas, such as the eyes and lips,” ACCC Deputy Chair Delia Rickard said.

“Skin with acne, cuts or abrasions, or a weak immune system can also make the wearer more vulnerable to infections and diseases from the germs.”

The ACCC urged cosmetics makers to be vigilant about hygienic manufacturing practices and the effectiveness of the preservatives they use in their products.

“Consumers should be able to rely on the safety of products that they apply directly to their skin, which is often on a daily basis over long periods of time,” Ms Rickard said.

“If you have one of these recalled cosmetic products, stop using it immediately and return it to the point of sale for a full refund.”

Cosmetics safety tips

  • Stop using a product immediately and seek medical advice if you have an allergic reaction or it causes irritation.
  • Keep cosmetics well-protected and containers clean.
  • Do not dilute cosmetics with water, or expose cosmetics to hot conditions or sunlight.
  • Do not leave cosmetics open or allow cosmetics to become covered with dust or contaminated with dirt or soil.
  • Do not share cosmetics with others or use past the recommended expiry date.

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