Consumers International Whitepaper – ‘Consumer protection and empowerment for a clean energy future’

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Consumers International has recently released a white paper on ‘Consumer protection and empowerment for a clean energy future’ centred on the “twin challenge” of switching to sustainable and affordable alternatives in an increasingly shorter timeframe while ensuring consumers are represented and helped through and with the process.

The report focuses on how “consumer protection and empowerment” can help with three of the most universal concerns for consumers: heating and cooling, cooking, and transport.

The report concludes with a call for greater and more meaningful collaboration between various stakeholders and consumer groups and concludes with the announcement that: “in 2023 Consumers International will launch a new multi-stakeholder initiative together with its key partners. CLEAN – the Consumer Led Energy Action Network – will convene global consumer advocates with business, government, and civil society leaders to collectively advocate for, design, and support interventions that protect and empower consumers in the transition to a clean energy system.

This White Paper is an invitation to connect, learn, and build together with leaders from all types of stakeholders who want to see change in energy systems with and for consumers. We welcome feedback and suggestions as we embark on our roadmap with and for consumers everywhere

Consumers International can be found here. Link for the whitepaper quoted is here.