Consumers International call for action at COP27

Consumers International will join with Heads of State, ministers and activists in Egypt for the largest annual gathering on climate action. COP27 takes place against the backdrop of the energy and food crises, extreme weather events and record greenhouse gas emissions. Importantly, COP27 is calling for adaptation and finance to low and middle-income countries and strengthened solidarity across borders.

To bring the voice of consumer advocates to the global stage, we asked Members from across Australia, Morocco, Norway, Yemen and India to share their core asks for policymakers and others at COP27.

Released today in this video, they demand strong commitments from high polluting countries, particularly those in the Global North and call for clean energy to be placed at the forefront of debate. They also show the innovative ways consumer groups are supporting consumers – from education campaigns on clean cookstoves to campaigns which hold companies to account for greenwashing.