Consumers Health Forum outlines election priorities

Key priorities include addressing out of pocket costs and access barriers for consumers

CHF has called for a greater focus on addressing out of pocket costs and meeting the needs of health consumers in a submission to the Federal Government’s 2013-14 Budget.

CHF has put forward a number of funding suggestions for key priorities including universal ambulance cover, personal health budgets and addressing access barriers for consumers.

CEO Carol Bennett said the Budget submission would be the basis for CHF’s campaigns and advocacy in 2013, with a strong focus on assessing consumer benefits from major political parties’ policies during the upcoming Federal Election, to be held on September 14, 2013.

“CHF will be closely scrutinising all health policies this year to ensure consumers’ interests are protected in what is shaping up to be one of the most important elections for health consumers,” Ms Bennett said noting that CHF has already welcomed the Coalition’s pledge to maintain health and medical research funding.

“CHF has outlined what we think the major parties should be focussing on to advance consumer-centred healthcare.

“CHF will be making our positions available to all parties and will be working with our members to make sure politicians and candidates on the front lines know that consumers need to be the focus of healthcare in 2013 and beyond.”

CHF’s full Budget submission is available from the CHF website at