Consumer Groups Call for Increased Resourcing of NSW Strata & Property Services Commissioner as Strata Populations Increase

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The groups emphasise the critical role of the Commissioner’s office in addressing the unique challenges
of the strata sector, which currently houses 35% of NSW residents, with projections of 50% by 2040.

“Despite the visionary establishment of the Strata and Property Services Commissioner’s Office, and the
commendable efforts of John Minns since his appointment, the office is severely under-resourced,” the
statement reads.

“With only 16 inspectors managing a vast property portfolio, significant issues such as lengthy delays in
resolving serious safety investigations are undermining both the safety of residents and their rights.”

The consumer groups highlighted their concerns about the ability of the current setup to effectively
support the growing number of strata residents. They pointed out that delayed investigations into
serious concerns, which in some cases have stretched beyond two years, could erode consumer
confidence and hinder necessary reforms in the strata sector.

The statement also noted, “Strata living is not just an alternative, but a significant part of the housing
future in NSW. As we face critical housing and cost of living challenges, it’s imperative that the strata
sector is well-equipped to support its residents and ensure high standards of living and safety.”

The groups call on Minister Chanthivong and the NSW Government to allocate sufficient resources to
the Strata and Property Services Commissioner’s Office.

“Adequate funding will ensure the office can fulfill its role effectively, safeguarding the rights of strata
residents and driving necessary reforms,” they assert.

By addressing these funding needs, the consumer groups believe that the NSW Government will
demonstrate its commitment to delivering housing solutions that meet the needs of its residents both
now and in the future.

Above is a media release from the Owners Corporation Network (OCN), released on 15/05/2024. To see the original media release click here. OCN is a member of the Consumers’ Federation of Australia and has a dedicated website here. For media inquiries please see Karen Stiles via