Consumer empowerment must be central to Electric Vehicle Smart Charging

EV charging

The Consumers’ Federation of Australia has made a submission to the Energy Security Board in response to its Issues Paper.

CFA supports two representatives who participate in the Standards Committee, EM-001 Electric Vehicle Operation. The submission has been developed with the support of these expert consumer representatives and focuses on the questions in the Issues Paper related to domestic vehicle smart charging. CFA strongly supports standards enabling consumers to manage their energy costs. This includes the ability to turn appliances on and off maximising self-consumption of onsite generation (both solar and storage). The submission also advocates for:

  • Consumers being able to over-ride electric vehicle smart charging, allowing consumers to commence charging and prevent discharging as appropriate;
  • The adoption of electric vehicle charging standards that can be readily integrated into the smart home;
  • Avoiding additional meters and costs associated with electric vehicle energy measurement;
  • The use of common market protocols for communication as well as inter-operability.

In relation not public charging of electric vehicles, CFA supports payment via debit and credit card payments, and not requiring use of a particular mobile app, which can serve as a barrier to access.

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