Consultation Regulation Impact Statement closing soon

The Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) is proposing to update the energy efficiency provisions for residential buildings in the 2022 edition of the National Construction Code (NCC). The proposed provisions are included in stage 2 of the NCC 2022 public comment draft (PCD).

This is a consultation from the Australian Building Codes Board. It was originally published on 20th September, 2021.

An in-depth analysis of the impacts (both costs and benefits) of the proposed provisions is now open for comment. This analysis is presented in a Consultation Regulation Impact Statement (CRIS).

This CRIS has been developed by ACIL Allen in accordance with the best practice regulatory principles administered by the Office of Best Practice Regulation (OBPR) and set out in the Regulatory Impact Analysis Guide for Ministers’ Meetings and National Standard Setting Bodies.

The public comment period on the Consultation Regulation Impact Statement (CRIS) for the proposed amendments to the energy efficiency provisions in stage 2 of the NCC 2022 public comment draft is closing soon.

Responses to the CRIS are invited until 11:59 PM AEDT Sunday 7 November 2021, and are to be submitted through the ABCB’s online Consultation Hub.

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