Consultation on options for changes to the Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) Act 1991

The federal government is consulting on a Draft Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) containing options for changes to the FSANZ Act.

The draft RIS and information on how to participate in the consultation are available here.

The closing date for submissions is 18 May 2021.

The Act is one of the main pieces of legislation and agreements that make up the joint food regulatory system that operates in Australian and New Zealand.

It mainly empowers Food Standards Australia New Zealand to set and amend food standards and undertake other core functions. It underpins the safety of the food supply and provides a regulatory framework for how foods can enter the market in Australia and New Zealand.

Therefore, this consultation on the Draft RIS is extremely important for consumers and CFA has participated in the consultations that preceded its release.

CFA will be submitting views on the Draft RIS and encourages members to also participate in the consultation.

For more information about CFA’s participation contact here.