Consultation on Maximum Permissible Errors for EV Equipment

EV charging

From the National Measurement Institute:

The National Measurement Institute is seeking your views on the draft General Certificate of Approval for Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE).

The proposed certificate includes:

  • Maximum permissible errors (MPEs) that would apply to all EVSE regardless of the date of manufacture
  • Requirement for EVSE manufactured on or after 1 April 2026 to be constructed in accordance with OIML G 22 and marked with the mandatory markings specified
  • Principles-based test procedure for verification

The main points to consider include:

  • Marking requirements (as specified in clause 1.2 – Markings)
  • Base maximum permissible errors (MPEs)

A copy of the draft document and the consultation paper is available via the department’s Consultation hub here:

You can submit your feedback by using the online form provided on the website or by emailing

Any feedback and comments on the proposed documents should be provided by Friday 8 March 2024, 11:59 PM AEST.

Please also note, a consultation outcome paper has also been published on the previous consultation relating to the trade measurement policy for electric vehicle charging stations. The outcome paper is available here:

Any questions can be directed to