Confused about IoT terminology?

Wireless networks have enabled the Internet of Things (IoT) to connect the billions of physical devices around the world to the internet, enabling them to communicate real-time data without involving a human being.  Consumers Federation of Australia is supporting a representative to participate on the Standards Australia Technical Committee on IoT, to bring the consumer perspective to the merging of the digital and physical universes. 

 The committee supported the identical adoption of ISO/IEC 20924:2018 Internet of things – Vocabulary for Australia, which provides a definition of Internet of Things along with a set of terms and definitions. The recently published AS ISO/IEC 20924:2021 is a terminology foundation for the Internet of Things.

 Technology is shaping our lives and the role of consumers is evolving in the digital transformation where manual and other processes are being replaced with the latest digital technology.  In the midst of the ongoing digital transformation, increasing globalisation and a growing need for more sustainable consumption, the OECD will consider whether consumer policy is ready for the consumer marketplace of the future at a virtual international conference on “The Consumer Marketplace of the Future,” on 15-17 June 2021.

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