Complaint’s handling standard a good outcome for consumers

Everybody has the right to complain which provides organisations with valuable feedback about what users dislike about a product or service. The revised Australian Standard guides organisations to manage their own complaints and enables consistency in the effective treatment of complaints, particularly in a global marketplace. Organizations should adopt a people-focused and proactive approach to seeking and receiving feedback and complaints, properly handled complaints result in improved organizational reputation, regardless of the organization’s size, location, or sector.

AS 10002:2022 Guidelines for complaint management in organisations provides guidance on complaint management within all types of organizations, including the planning, design, implementation, operation, maintenance, and improvement of a complaint management system. The standard was prepared by members of the Standards Australia Technical Committee QR-015 Complaints Handling, to supersede AS/NZS 10002:2014. The document is based on but not equivalent to ISO 10002:2018. CFA supports a representative to participate on this committee, bringing the consumer stakeholder contribution to the process and ensuring a robust standard of benefit to the community.

Consumers expect to purchase products that work, and when they don’t work people should be easily able to enforce their consumer guarantee rights, read more about your rights as a consumer and the  Consumer Action submission to support improvements to the Australian Consumer Law.

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