CHOICE was founded in 1959 with one clear mission: to ensure the consumer voice is heard loudly and clearly. CHOICE empowers consumers to get the most out of all their purchasing decisions by providing a mix of advocacy and advice.

CHOICE has a strong presence within Australia.

CHOICE is constantly looking out for misleading or unhelpful practices that stop consumers from getting the best deal. The leading consumer advocacy group in Australia, CHOICE campaigns to protect and assist consumers through changes to laws and industry behaviour.

Current campaign

CHOICE is currently interested in what consumers would change about their banks.

The Financial System Inquiry is considering the future of banking and finance in Australia. The Inquiry wants to know what consumers think about the major issues in banking.

Consumers are encouraged to let the Inquiry know if they want a solution to high credit card surcharges, if they want financial advisers to always act in the best interests of their clients, and if they are fed up with unfair fees and charges.

The Inquiry will use findings from discussions with the public and submissions when forming recommendations for their final report, due at the end of 2014. The report will be presented to the government as a road map for the future of finance and banking.

CHOICE has already made an initial submission to the inquiry and is preparing a second submission addressing competition in banking, better regulation and key consumer issues like the quality of financial advice.

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