CHOICE launches Complane


CHOICE has introduced their new consumer assistance tool: Complane.

Complane has been developed to minimize the number of difficulties that travelers have making complaints with airlines when their flights are delayed or canceled.

CHOICE recently conducted a study into passenger travel, revealing that over the past year, over 23 per cent of travelers faced either a delayed or canceled flight1. Furthermore, a survey of all travelers experiencing difficulties with their airline revealed that 73 per cent faced delays, with 50 per cent of travelers having delays greater than two hours1.

Further findings indicated that when travelers faced delays, 63 per cent of them reported that the airline didn’t take any further action to assist them1. Most significantly, 25 per cent of respondents stated that it was too difficult to file a complaint with their airline1. The findings from CHOICE’s research demonstrated the need for these issues to be handled so that travelers can fly without such hassles or difficulties.

Complane was launched as an online tool, giving passengers the ability to direct their complaint directly to their airline when faced with a delay or cancellation. The tool enables travelers to request that their airline provide them with compensation for a delay or cancellation when the airline is at fault.

The website is available here: