Children’s nightwear flammability in the spotlight

Nightwear for childrenChildren can suffer severe burns or death if the nightwear clothing they are wearing catches fire and Product Safety Australia has Safety tips to help reduce fire risks.  However the childrens’ nightwear market is dynamic with constant new fabrics, ever-changing fashions and regular new market entrants.

The Standards Australia technical committee CS-086 Burning behaviour has been conducting a major review of the complex Australian/New Zealand Standard on children’s nightwear flammability – AS/NZS1249, with a view to better consumer protection.

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Key changes include:

  • A new cautionary label – developed using direct market research
  • Modified fabric performance requirements – determined through laboratory research
  • Simpler design specifications – rationalised with practitioner input
  • Clearer scope and definitions


The aim is a much-improved standard that makes compliance easier and maintains consumer protection.  The technical committee is keen to reduce the level of complexity within the standard to make compliance easier for garment producers and sellers.

Research funding allowed the committee to test some of the legacy technical requirements in the standard and review specifications with some confidence.  It also allowed for meaningful market research on consumer messaging.

The review has also benefited from technical committee members generously donating time in working groups to re-draft what is currently a very confusing standard.  Gail Greatorex is the CFA representative on the committee.

Hopefully, the result will be a standard that is much easier to read, understand, meet; and therefore better protect children.

The draft revised Australian/New Zealand Standard on children’s nightwear flammability – AS/NZS1249 – will be available for public comment over coming weeks Public comment on draft Standards


If you are interested in finding out more about becoming a CFA Standards Representative please contact the Standards Coordinator