CFA seeks consumer representative to sit on Customer Owned Banking Association’s compliance committee

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The Consumers Federation of Australia is seeking expressions of interest from suitably qualified individuals to sit as a Consumer Representative on the The Customer Owned Banking Association’s (COBA) Code Compliance Committee (CCC).

The role of the CCC is to ensure that subscribers to the Code are meeting the standards of good practice that they promised to achieve when they signed up to the Code. The position is one of a three-member committee, in addition to an independent chair and an industry representative.

More information on the activities of the CCC can be found here.

The successful applicant will have:

  • relevant experience as a consumer or community representative
  • experience, or the ability to acquire knowledge, of dispute resolution or accreditation schemes
  • the ability to understand the Code’s provisions and procedures
  • direct links with the Australian consumer movement; and
  • an understanding and agreement with CFA’s objectives.

Applications close on 10 January and should be sent by email to Please direct any further questions to the same address. Referees to be provided on request.

Background about the Consumer Representative Position, CCC and Code

The CCC is comprised of an Independent Chair (currently Dr Sue-Anne Wallace), a Consumer Representative (currently Gail Pearson) and an Industry Representative (currently Anita Schut), and plays an important role in assisting Code Subscribers to continually improve their compliance standards.

The second term of the current Consumer Representative will conclude in early 2015, and under the governance arrangements Committee members are unable to serve more than two terms.

The work of the CCC is guided by the Committee’s Charter, which sets out key functions which include:

  • Monitoring and reporting on compliance with the Code by subscribers;
  • Investigating complaints, making determinations and imposing sanctions where appropriate;
  • Conducting own motion inquiries into compliance with aspects of the Code; and
  • Publishing information and making presentations on the activities of the CCC and promoting its work.

More information about the work of the CCC can be found here.

Time commitment, remuneration and support

The CCC generally meets around four times per year, though a higher number of meetings is possible. Meetings currently occur in Sydney and Melbourne (with some also taking place via teleconference). The Consumer Representative receives a gratuity annual payment of $10,000, expenses associated with attending meetings are also covered.

The Committee is supported by staff from the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS), who provide significant professional expertise to CCC members. These staff support and undertake compliance investigations as directed by the CCC, and provide for the administration of the CCC.