CFA representative attends FSANZ Packing Advisory Group meeting


Elaine Attwood, a CFA representative on the Food Standards Australia New Zealand, Packing Advisory Group recently attended the 5th meeting this December.

The meeting involved discussion around FSANZ’s conclusions following the first Call for Submissions made. Members within the meeting heard on the issues raised within the submissions.

Whilst submissions were minimal, the general caliber was considered high. It was interesting to note that no submissions were received from any consumer group or NGO. In regards to the progression of the proposal, a majority of submitters have noted that they preferred a graduated process where chemicals that come in contact with food are separated into low and high risk.

FSANZ also recently conducted a survey on phthalates. The group is awaiting the results of the survey, with a second survey being conducted overseas. The results from these are anticipated to be published in early 2017. Keep an eye on the CFA website for further information.

We thank Elaine for her update and we look forward to further information from our representatives.