CFA members welcome My Power Planner for Victoria

CFA Members CHOICE and the Consumers Utilities Advocacy Centre (CUAC) have commended the Victorian government’s My Power Planner online comparator tool, which is designed to help consumers with the complex process of choosing an electricity offer.


My Power planner has been designed to help households compare all the offers, including flexible pricing offers. The tool includes simple instructions and videos to guide you through the steps. Using information about the consumer’s own household usage and appliances it can assist them to understand whether shifting the times in which they use their high electricity usage appliances will benefit them and which offer options may be cheaper.

CHOICE policy advisor Katrina Lee said, “CHOICE wants all consumers to have access to their consumption and energy plan data at a click of a button. We welcome the work the Victorian government has done to enable Victorian consumers to use their personal consumption data on an independent comparison site as a step in the right direction.”

CUAC Executive Officer Jo Benvenuti also welcomed My Power Planner and endorsed CHOICE’s comments. She urged members of CFA and other Victorian-based consumer organisations to do what they can to ensure consumers are aware of the My Power Planner site, adding that, consumers in South Australia, ACT, NSW, and Tasmania can access the Australian Energy Regulator’s independent comparator switching options on

Ms Benvenuti summed up the benefits for consumers, “These independent switching sites give consumers the best available, up to date and accurate tools to help them understand the options. In essence, they do the hard work for you, making the task of weighing up options in the complex energy market so much easier. These tools are really important for consumers who are struggling with high energy prices.”

Photo Credit: miqul