CFA members make submissions to Productivity Commission (PC) “Right to Repair” Inquiry

Several CFA members including: CHOICE, the Consumer Policy and Research Centre (CPRC), the Consumer Action Law Centre (CALC), and the Queensland Consumers Association (QCA), made written submissions on the PC’s draft report on “Right to Repair”.

The PC made draft recommendations on many aspects of this very complex and diverse topic.

The CFA member submissions addressed many of these and other aspects including:

  • consumer warranties and guarantees (including powers for regulators to enforce guarantees),
  • a super complaints process,
  • information on product durability and reparability,
  • provision of repair information,
  • availability and cost of spare parts, and
  • management of e-waste.

The submissions are available here.

The PC’s final report will be provided to the government on 29 October 2021.

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