CFA makes submission to Evaluation of Country of Origin Food Labelling

Photo of jars of honey

Country of origin labelling (CoOL) lets consumers know which country a product came from. The Federal Government developed a discussion paper to consider if labels are helping consumers make more informed choices and clarifying the origin claims that businesses can make.

In summary, we recommend that:

  • Requirements under the Country of Origin Food Labelling Information Standard should be retained.
  • Non-priority foods should be provided in the same format as priority foods.
  • Country of origin information should be provided in a consistent manner.
  • Country of origin information for food products sold online should be provided with other information relating to the product and be available at the time of display.
  • ACCC should include CoOL in an ongoing enforcement program.
  • ACCC should promote the use of the information provided under CoOL.

View the submission here.