CFA Chair Gerard Brody Wins Law Council’s Consumer Rights Award

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Gerard Brody, Chair of CFA, is the winner of the Consumer Rights Award 2023 made annually by the Australian Consumer Law Committee of the Law Council of Australia’s Legal Practice Section.

The Award is conferred upon an individual who champions the rights of consumers in the promotion of consumer protection law in Australia. It recognises the range of skills, interests and contributions of those committed to the development and implementation of the law and practices in this field.

The Award was presented to Gerard at a Consumer Rights Forum in Brisbane on 18 July by Catherine Holmes AC SC, a retired Chief Justice of Queensland.

Law Council of Australia President Mr Luke Murphy said “Mr Brody is a leading consumer rights advocate and lawyer. He was formerly the CEO of Consumer Action and is currently a board member of Australian Financial Complaints Authority, Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman, Community Legal Centres Australia, and Chairperson of the Consumers Federation of Australia. At Consumer Action, he spearheaded many successful campaigns and supported consumers to have their voices heard – Scams, Stop the Debt Trap, VET Fee help, Junk Insurance and Do Not Knock campaigns to name a few”

“He was instrumental in directing the Banking Royal Commission to financial products exploiting consumers’ vulnerabilities, including the unsolicited selling of life insurance, unconscionable selling of funeral expense plans to First Nations communities, and the hidden sale of consumer credit insurance – all of which have now either been banned, led to class actions or other government reform. Mr Brody is a sought-after speaker, and we had the privilege of his insights into scams and the impact on consumers as part of our expert panel at this event last year.”

The Law Council also specifically commended Mr Mark Holden, proud Dunghutti man, for his key work in “Mob Strong Debt Help” and his tireless and outstanding assistance to vulnerable First Nations’ consumers impacted by the collapse of the Aboriginal Community Benefit Fund (Youpla).

The Law Council’s media release is available here.