CFA Accepts Uluru Statement from the Heart

We Support the Uluru Statement

Consumers’ Federation of Australia accepts the invitation of the Uluru Statement from the Heart to walk with our First Nations’ peoples to ensure a better future for all Australians. We see the Statement as being a generous invitation arrived at through the extensive Dialogues process, allowing us to unite a genuine process of reconciliation.

CFA also supports Australia’s First Nations peoples in their call for a constitutionally enshrined Voice to Parliament. In line with the National Indigenous Consumer Strategy, CFA recognises that the rules that regulate traders and service providers need to be fair and responsive to the needs of First Nations people. We also recognise that cultural and operational changes are required within consumer organisations to respond to the need so First Nations consumers in the most effective way.

CFA hopes that a Voice, as well as the principles of Treaty and Truth, can contribute to social justice, integrity, and cultural appropriateness in the consumer marketplace. We respect that there will be a diversity of views and encourage listening with open hearts and minds to help facilitate respectful conversations.

We also encourage CFA members and the public to watch the 2023 Ruby Hutchinson Lecture from Lynda Edwards, a proud Wangkumara and Barkandji woman, and leading consumer advocate and financial counsellor.