Caxton Legal Centre

Caxton Legal Centre’s objects are to provide legal and social welfare services to low income and disadvantaged persons in need of relief from poverty, distress, misfortune,destitution and helplessness and to educate such people in legal, social welfare and related matters.


We are an independent, non-profit community organisation providing free legal advice, social work services, information and referrals.

Caxton Legal Centre Inc’s vision is to:

  • Build a just and inclusive society that values difference and diversity and the rights of all people and their communities to the social and economic?resources they need to exercise their human rights.
  • Influence the development of law to recognise the needs of people who are socially or economically disadvantaged.
  • Assist people who would otherwise be denied access to justice due to social or economic disadvantage to exercise their legal rights.

Caxton Legal Centre’s partnership with universities

Caxton Legal Centre prides itself on having strong organisational links to universities to enrich the educational experiences of law students. ( Griffith University and The University of Queensland)

In 2013 Caxton launched an exciting new partnership with Queensland University of Technology, offering students the opportunity to learn from our evening drop-in legal advice sessions. Students will assist with client intake procedures and observe volunteer lawyers as they provide legal advice.

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