Calling for nominations for the Deni Greene Award

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The Deni Greene Award is now in its fourth year.

Based on the success of the 2013, 2014 and 2015 Awards, it has a continuing relationship with the Bob Brown Foundation. The award was planned to run for 5 years, so this is the second last year of the award.

The nomination form is available for download here (Microsoft Word)

You are encouraged to consider nominating someone you think is worthy of the Award. And please pass on the nomination form to others in your network to let others know about this opportunity. 

The Deni Greene Award is for an Australian who has made a significant professional contribution in one or more of the following fields in the past five years – areas in which Deni Greene was particularly active: Sustainability, Ethical investment, Energy, Environmental and social responsibility(including standards), Environmental communication.

The contribution made is expected to be:

  • Courageous, reflecting actions or positions taken without fear or favour and involving passionate advocacy within their professional field of work , and
  • Well researched, strategic and effective, and
  • Ideally cross-disciplinary.

These contributions may relate to paid or unpaid work in a person’s professional area of work, and the contribution may have been made in Australia or overseas. The Award is, ideally, for a person still active in their field and who is likely to continue to make a significant contribution, especially those who have not yet received publicly acknowledgement for their contributions through another award or honour.

Nominations for the Award must be made on a confidential basis and the nominee should not be advised of the nomination. Self-nomination is not acceptable.

To see the awards given last year see

The Bob Brown Foundation will announce the Deni Greene Award with its other Awards in September 2016. To achieve this submit your nominations by Friday 15 July 2016. All the details are on the attached nomination form. For those who presented a nomination last year, you are encouraged to update and resubmit that nomination.