Business integrity and legal requirements in the Assistive Technology sector: industry statement

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Assistive Technology (AT) users should expect to be able to make informed decisions based on the highest standards of assistive technology provision to meet their AT goals and needs. Industry groups have put out a joint statement to encourage AT product suppliers and advisory service providers to work collaboratively with the user of AT to deliver the best participation outcomes, aligned with each person’s individual needs and goals.

They say: “The selected AT solutions should be of quality and value that reflects these goals and needs. To achieve this end, business integrity in the provision of AT is fundamental. This includes the dealings between customers, allied health professionals (AHPs) or other AT advisors (e.g. AT mentors), suppliers of AT, and other stakeholders. All involved in the delivery of the AT solution should conduct themselves according to the highest expected standards of honesty, fairness and personal integrity.

It has come to our attention that there are a small number of operators within the AT industry whose business practices and actions are likely to contravene good practice provision of AT, be they in breach of specific associations’ codes of conduct, and/or potentially in breach of the law. For this reason, the signatories have assembled the following guidance for professional stakeholders in the AT industry.

This guidance is provided across five core areas of AT product and/or service practice:
• Referral fees, sales commissions and rebates
• Gifts and hospitality
• Consumer protection
• Insurance risks
• Industry/professional codes of practice.”

A copy of the statement is available for download.