Brotherhood of St Laurence

Through research, services and advocacy, the Brotherhood of St Laurence helps people experiencing disadvantage at all stages of life to build a better future for themselves and their families.

The Brotherhood of St Laurence has a proud history stretching back more than 75 years of providing vital services for disadvantaged people and emerging communities.

They develop forward-looking services that are often then adopted by other community organisations and governments.

They provide services that help people to build better lives throughout the life cycle, including job training, care for the elderly and people with disabilities, assisting school leavers to plan for adult work and life, early childhood development programs and support services for newly arrived refugees and migrants. This organisation constantly strives to create an Australia that is free from poverty.

A key focus of this organisation is education and training.

Brotherhood Training provides

  • a friendly and supportive community-based environment in a convenient location
  • qualified, highly skilled and committed trainers
  • connection to local employers for graduates.

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