Better hand sanitiser information to keep COVIDsafe

and hand pumping hand sanitiser from a bottle

The following is a media release by the Hon Michael Sukkar MP:

Consumers will be able to better identify the effectiveness of different hand sanitiser products under new laws designed to help Australians stay COVIDsafe.

The Morrison Government has accepted the recommendations of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) that requires hand sanitiser manufactures to improve product information and safety.

The new Consumer Goods (Cosmetics) Information Standard 2020 includes specific requirements for alcohol-based hand sanitisers to display the percentage of alcohol contained in the product, as well as safe use and storage warning information.

The Department of Health recommends hand sanitiser be used during the COVID-19 pandemic when soap and water is not available for washing hands. Research has shown that hand sanitisers need to contain between 60 and 80 per cent alcohol to be effective against the virus.

Since the start of the COVID-19 emergency, demand for hand sanitisers has significantly increased.

As the use of hand sanitisers becomes more routine, consumers need to be able to identify hand sanitisers that are effective against COVID-19 and have full confidence that the product they buy works.

The Morrison Government expects suppliers to provide safe and effective hand sanitiser products, in appropriate packaging, with relevant warnings at all times.

The ACCC is also investigating allegations that some hand sanitiser suppliers have made false or misleading claims about alcohol content.

Manufacturers of hand sanitiser have been given 180 days to transition to the new labelling requirements.

More information about mandatory standards is available on the Federal Register of Legislation website