Be retail ready for new portable pool safety requirements

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is reminding pool suppliers that the new mandatory safety standard for portable swimming pools commences on 30 March 2014.


“All portable pools sold in Australia will need to meet new mandatory labelling requirements. After 30 March, suppliers will not be permitted to sell any surplus stock that does not comply with the new labelling requirements,” ACCC Deputy Chair Dr Michael Schaper said.

“These important labels alert consumers to information on active supervision, safe storage and state and territory pool fencing laws.”

“This reminder follows the ACCC’s engagement work with suppliers to prepare them before the requirements took effect,” Dr Schaper said.

The mandatory standard was set 15 months ago. Since then the ACCC, in partnership with state and territory agencies, has been directly engaging with relevant industry groups. This has included providing guidance directly to suppliers, as well as publishing material online and via social media channels.

Failure to comply with a mandatory safety standard is a breach of Australian Consumer Law and can result in a product being recalled, as well as fines, penalties or legal action. Suppliers are responsible for ensuring their stock meets all the requirements of the mandatory standard.

The ACCC and state and territory consumer protection agencies have been conducting preliminary monitoring of the portable pool industry, with over 560 stores inspected nationally.

“Nationally, surveillance results indicate that over 40 per cent of pools available for sale are already compliant with the new requirements. We are reminding suppliers, especially small businesses and independent retailers, to check their stock between now and this Sunday,” Dr Schaper said.

The ACCC and the state and territory consumer protection agencies will be conducting further marketplace surveillance in the coming months to check compliance with this new mandatory standard.

Further information on the portable pools mandatory standard is available at

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