Battery storage for households – Public comment invited on draft standard

With rising energy prices, home battery storage offers savings to consumers and an alternate to fossil fuels, read more here. Standards Australia has released a draft standard for public comment which will ensure consumers are provided with the information to meaningfully compare different battery manufacturers claims (and technologies). It defines standard testing protocols revealing the performance of battery systems applicable to battery cells, modules, pre-assembled and integrated systems for use in residential and small-scale commercial customers in Australia.

Find out how these batteries work and what you need to know before installing one in this CHOICE review.  Find more information on the Australian Government’s Energy information and services site including practical advice to reduce your energy bills.

Standards Australia encourages views and input from a wide cross section of the public on a draft publication during the Public Comment stage. Create a free account when you Login to Standards Australia Connect and browse the draft of AS 5374:2022  Energy storage system performance. It is open for Public Comment until 13 September 2022. More information on how to comment in the user guide for members of the public.

The draft standard was prepared by members of the Standards Australia Committee EL-005 Secondary batteries.  CFA supports a representative to participate on this committee, bringing the consumer stakeholder contribution to the process and ensuring a robust standard of benefit to the community.  Find out more about the CFA Standards Project.

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