Australian Consumer News Weekly Wrap Up

Australian consumer news stories that have been prominent in the media this week:

  • According to, Optus is removing mobile phone contract exit fees,  effectively promising to pay the cost of breaking an agreement.
  • The Australian reports that the Abbott government is seeking to “flood the market” with new gas supplies on the East Coast as it tries to head off a looming energy shortage that will increase prices, hurt manufacturers and cost jobs.
  • Consumer groups are warning consumers about fake credit repair services, which claim to remove black marks on a consumer’s credit history. has the full story.
  • According to the Sydney Morning Herald,  the extra charges to Jetstar’s services (for example, buying meals on flights and checking bags) make up over a fifth of Jetstar’s revenue, rather than the ticket itself.
  • The Herald Sun reports that a flood of interest free credit card deals are on the market and that consumers should avoid signing up to a credit card simply because of a special offer.