Australian Consumer News Weekly Wrap Up

Australian consumer news stories that have been prominent in the media this week:

  • The Herald Sun reports that consumers have been unnecessarily charged with billions of dollars worth of additional fees from super-size credit card surcharge stings, to minibar bills, and money grabbing ATMs.
  • According to the Herald Sun, insurance companies refuse to pay out thousands of claims for theft, car crashes and home damage each year. Consumer experts say that policy holders are out of pocket due to unfair knock-backs and confusing conditions and exclusions.
  • In order to crackdown on unscrupulous practices, the ACCC has joined an international sweep of dating and romance websites. The ABC has the full story.
  • The Herald Sun reports that Australians are suffering from financial stress. One in five Australians rarely or never have anything left to put aside from their pay cheque after paying bills. In order to cover any unexpected expenses, three quarters of people in financial stress are forced to use their savings. In addition, two in five Australians use their credit card for extra spending, and one in six pawn their possessions as a last resort.
  • Telecommunications companies have confirmed that they are responsible for ensuring that households are not cut off prematurely from their old phone services during the NBN rollout, says the Age.