Artificial intelligence – Standards Australia roadmap

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The extensive growth in Artificial Intelligence (AI) programs by the world’s most advanced economies has highlighted the need to effectively use the standards process to promote, develop and realise the opportunities of responsible AI, delivering business growth, improving services and protecting consumers.

Standards Australia has released the Artificial Intelligence Standards Roadmap: Making Australia’s Voice Heard. This comprehensive report, commissioned by the Department of Industry, Science, Energy & Resources, provides recommendations to help Australia effectively support AI and its future across the globe. Read more here

The Roadmap follows a growing body of work on approaches to managing the impact of AI internationally, which intersect with broader aspirations, such as those outlined in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The consumer experience with AI is mixed, with different levels of understanding of and influence on individuals’ day to day lives. Generally, while consumers enjoy the benefits of AI they are concerned about data collection, privacy, transparency, and security. It is important that security and privacy are built into software associated with consumer devices and services.

According to a recent study by Consumers International, while consumers showed enthusiasm and appreciation of what AI technology can do, they have a desire for clarity and control and frustration at how hard it was to take individual responsibility for potential problems, or get recourse if things went wrong. While some of the problems are not new to consumers, AI brings different challenges of new AI enabled technologies and rapidly developing cross border trade.

Consumers’ Federation of Australia has a representative on the Standards Australia Technical Committee IT-043 Artificial intelligence which develops the Australian position as a participating member of the ISO JTC 1 SC 42 and influences AI standards development worldwide. Find out more about representing CFA on a Standards Australia Technical Committee as part of the CFA Standards Project or contact