Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Learn what makes AI tick

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Today, over 50% of organizations worldwide report using some form of AI in their operations, but many people still lack foundational knowledge concerning what AI is, or its potential risks, benefits, and impacts. CSIRO’s Everyday AI shows this technology is not science fiction but very much a reality shaping our everyday lives. Destination AI, a new free online course, seeks to close this knowledge gap, offering an inventive and informative approach to learning about AI, find out more here and about the UNESCO Artificial Intelligence and the Futures of Learning Project.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is fast becoming an essential part of how we work, live, and interact with one another, yet many people lack basic knowledge of what AI is, and the impact it might have. Globally women and girls are 25% less likely than men to know how to leverage digital technology for basic purposes (p.4), pointing to a further critical gender divide in the future of AI skill development. While artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing our lives, its benefits are not being distributed equitably across and within countries.

The technology continues to be developed in ways that raise risks related to human rights, read more about the UNESCO Global Forum on the Ethics of AI. Find out how CSIRO is applying AI to tackle Australia’s greatest challenges here and how they are developing the frameworks and capability to lead the world in the ethical and responsible use of this powerful set of technologies. The Responsible Artificial Intelligence Network is a world’s first cross-ecosystem program that will support Australian companies in using and creating AI ethically and safely, to be coordinated by CSIRO’s National Artificial Intelligence Centre, read more here

As part of the CFA Standards Project, Consumers Federation of Australia (CFA) engages with these issues by supporting a representative to the Standards Australia committee IT-043 Artificial intelligence, read more in the Standards Australia’s report Artificial Intelligence Standards Roadmap: Making Australia’s Voice Heard. The committee recently supported the Australian adoption of AS ISO/IEC 23053 Framework for Artificial Intelligence (AI) Systems Using Machine Learning (ML). Find out more about the CFA Standards Project and how to get involved.