Are you happy with the quality of your VoIP services?

[box border=”full”]ACCAN is conducting an online survey on the quality of VoIP services[/box]

Did you know that the quality standards and safeguards governing your traditional landline service do not apply to voice over IP (VoIP) products?

These standards lay out minimum benchmarks around dropouts, interference, echo, volume, and many other aspects we take for granted on traditional landline services today. Those standards do not currently apply to VoIP services.

ACCAN is conducting a survey at to find out whether current VoIP users are happy with the quality of service. We are conducting this survey using an open Google Docs form.

Our aim is to ensure that, if there are problems with VoIP services now, that these are rectified and quality assurance standards maintained before everyone is migrated to NBN VoIP services. We would greatly appreciate your input and if you could pass this around within your networks.

Our survey is intended to capture any evidence that there are problems with existing VoIP services. If there is evidence that there are problems with VoIP quality, ACCAN will be in a better position to advocate for the introduction of quality standards that apply to VoIP services.

The survey results will not be used for any other purposes such as advertising, and no personal information is being collected by ACCAN in the survey. We have a comprehensive privacy policy in place, available at, and indeed, we have and continue to campaign for greater privacy protections for consumers.