Apply to join CFA’s 2023 Mentoring Program

Front: Amy Pereira (2022 mentee), Dana Beiglari (2022 mentee), Rebekah Sarkoezy (2021 mentee). Back: Roberta Grealish (2021 mentee), Franco Morelli (2022 mentee), Sarah Black (2022 mentee), Deb Shroot (2022 mentee), Elissa Freeman (Mentoring Program coordinator). Pictured at the 2022 Mentoring Program networking event in Sydney.

Expressions of interest for the 2023 CFA Consumer Advocacy Mentoring Program are now open, due by 1st November 2022.

Please share this item with emerging leaders in your organisation who may be interested in applying for the 2023 program. 

“Can’t thank you enough for running this excellent program. Becoming part of the wider consumer advocate network, particularly after such an isolated two years of the pandemic, as well as seeing so many different models of senior leadership (both from senior advocates and the peer network) has really given me a boost to my confidence and also let me imagine what kind of leader I’d like to be.”

Amy Pereira, 2022 mentee

“Being a part of the CFA Mentoring Program this year has been really rewarding. It has given me the tools to not only develop my professional aspirations but to put them into action. Each piece of the program has opened my eyes to opportunities that are available for consumer advocates like me and I feel so encouraged and motivated now to go after my goals.”

Julia Davis, 2021 mentee

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